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How to protect the tiles
To use for longer time, please protect your tiles according to the following notes:
If the tiles are paved but you don’t use it formally, to avoid any surface damage, please use something to cover your tiles, like thicker papers, woven bags and so on.
If operate air compressor on the tiles, please use some boards as under layers. It's forbidden to touch tile surface with air compressor wheels directly.
It’s better to use dry mop to clean the tiles. If necessary, you can use neutral cleanser like detergent or liquid detergent to deal with the stain.
To avoid mould on the gap between two tiles, please use decontamination cream to clean the stain, and then brush some waterproofing agent.
If there are some scratches on tile surface, please put some tooth paste on it and use a cloth to wipe repeatedly.
According to the using situation, please use floor wax to take care of tile surface at fixed period. If economic condition allows, please adopt crying surface treatment, so as to achieve the effects of high-grade hotels.

The characteristic of porcelain tiles
Porcelain tiles can be divided into two catalogues as polished and non-polished. The polished ceramics can be magnificent while the non-polished ones will be more elegant; both of them have been applied to the decoration of modern architectures. Porcelain tiles have almost the same color and texture from the surface to inside, and they have 100 percent porcelain, high density, solid, non-deform and non-discolor. The hardness has achieved Mohs 6, and they are abrasion resistance and the color can be stayed fresh. The water absorption index of porcelain tiles is less than 0.5%, and has excellent performance on aitifreeze, extreme cold and extreme hot, resistance to cracking, adaptation to different climate. The fracture resistance performance is as high as 38Mpa, and stable with physical and chemical performance, normally acid-proof and alkali-proof.
Comparing with granite, porcelains has overcame the defect and ease the difficulty on machining. They are thinner and lighter than granite tiles, and easier to be bonded with less expensive prices.
Against to marbles, porcelain has overcame the drawbacks of cracking and rock-weathering. It has longer life cycle than marbles and radiationly-safe, however the marbles exists severe radiation problems.
Differentiated to the glazed tiles, porcelain will be higher class and better effect on decoration, for which the glaze may be cracked, faded, or swelled.

Categorizing porcelain tiles
Porcelain tiles can be categorized as a few kinds according to the appearance, application and characteristics; for example, glazed and unglazed, polished and non-polished, bleed ceramics, large particles, wall ceramics, outdoor ground ceramics and non-slip ceramics.

Using toothpaste to erase marks and nicks on ceramics
With times of laboratory exercises, some light marks can be erased by white toothpaste, some stubborn stains and light nicks can also be lightened by repeatedly wiping. (Notice: better to use Crest's white toothpaste)

Abrasion resistance of ceramics
The level of abrasion resistance is measured by the volume of ceramic powder which is rubbed base on certain force, material and times. The larger volume, the worse level of abrasion resistance.

The gloss of ceramics
The gloss of ceramic refers to the intensity of light reflection. With higher gloss, the stronger reflection, which the surface will looks like a mirror.

Anti-chemical corrosion
It means the performance of ceramics to resist chemical erosion, for example, acid, alkali and salt. A ceramic which has high performance of anti chemical corrosion should remain the same even being tested within the acid or alkali environment for a long period. With a high level of anti-erosion performance, the ceramic can well be maintained in normal environment.

Water absorption level
Water absorption of ceramics is just similar to a dried cloth will absorb water, ceramics will also absorb water. The less water the ceramics absorb, the higher performance they will be, for example, compression, anticracking, stain removable.

Antifouling properties
The higher level of antifouling properties, the easier to remove stains. The measurement of antifouling properties is basically using and spreading some common pollutants on the surface of ceramics and then standing for a certain period. Finally, the ceramic will be rinsed by different kinds of detergent to measure the effect of antifouling. Notably, there may not be any ceramics that will not be polluted, once there is stain on the tile, you can use certain common kinds of detergents to clean, for example, bleach, detergent, acetone, hydrochloric acid solution, potassium hydroxide solution.

It refers to the flatness of the ceramic surface, the flatter it does, the better result will be when on construction. As long as the level of flatness has reached a certain standard, a correct constructing method will ensure that there will not be any bending circumstances. 




TECHNICAL DATA: Polished tile





CCC, ISO9001

Water absorption(E)

Average E≤0.5%

Size difference


Straightness of sides




Surface flantness

Center curvature ±0.2%

Warpage ±0.2Edge

curvature ±0.2%

surface quality


(except the fraud


A minimum of 95% of

the tiles shall be free

from visible defects

that would impair the

appearance of a major

area of tiles

Color difference

Other defections

Breaking strength



Modulus of rupture

Average 35MPA

Individual 32MPA

Resistance to

thermal shock

No burst or crack appears after

the test of resistance to

thermal shock for 10 times

Resistance to deep


removed volume


Resistance to



Minimum UB

Resistance to acid

Report the class after being

dipped in 3% HCL for 12 days,

Class ULA

Resistance to alkail

Report the class after being

dipped in 30g/L KOHfor 12 days,

Class ULA

Coefficient of frictin

Report the coefficient of

friction after the test




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